Please note Dynamic Supports remains closed due to the COVID-19 crisis until further notice.

Website, social media, and email accounts are not regularly monitored at this time.


UPDATE (July 14, 2020):


This update is very difficult for us to make. Unfortunately, we know this will disappoint people we really care about. 


For months, we've wrestled every day with trying to find the words to convey to you exactly where we stand.


We decided the only fair thing to do is to be honest and vulnerable, even though we still don't have all the answers.

While many businesses have re-opened, Dynamic Supports remains closed until further notice.

Like you, we have been faced with great challenges during this pandemic. 

As a business based on supporting other people, we have felt immense burden on ourselves to find the "right" answers and protections for the people we have supported. 


Right now, we extend a humble plea to temporarily put aside the brand of Dynamic Supports. 


We hope you will allow us to re-introduce ourselves to you, as Audrey and Paul.


Right now, we would desire nothing more than for you to, hopefully, see us on a human level.


During this time of closure, we needed to carve out space in our lives for healing. 


What you don't know, is that we were on track to completely burn out. We were choosing Dynamic Supports over our marriage, over our family, and over our plans to raise children of our own. 


Somehow, in all the hustle of small business, we lost our balance. 


So right now, in order to restore balance, we feel it is best for us to be with our family.


We still hold the vision of creating spaces of belonging for all people. But as the economic and social landscape continues to change, even during re-opening, we reluctantly choose to step back.


We need the space to re-evaluate. To re-evaluate how to best continue to deal with systemic exclusion. To re-evaluate what the necessary balance of life and work looks like for us. To re-evaluate how to run our programming in a sustainable way. 


We hope you understand. We apologize for how our absence has affected you. We wish you all well. We love you. 



- Audrey and Paul, 

Co-founders of Dynamic Supports





Influencing a culture shift 

in which people of all abilities 

are genuinely valued

and are meaningfully engaged.

We strive to consistently focus on the abilities of the people we work with.

Our approach presumes competence first. We recognize that by supporting our clients in “side-by-side” employment training, we demonstrate our commitment

to an equitable and inclusive future. We do with, not for. We reinforce effort over accomplishment. We work with you, not on you.

We encourage our clients to become involved in planning every aspect of their occupational life, and support them in accessing resources and community sites to demonstrate the value of their abilities.

We believe every person - with and without disabilities - is neurologically diverse. We believe every person has a purpose in life to share their neurodiverse abilities and talents with their community, including the economic community.

We recognize that by supporting our employees’ personal passions, they can share their talents and teach practical skills that are useful for employment. We recognize the interplay of many interests and skill sets strengthens the pillars upon which our service rests.


We believe the entrepreneurial spirit is not exclusive to the neurotypical mind. We believe all people are entitled to a high quality of life in which they are surrounded by caring, nurturing people who help to provide maximum potential for growth and contributing to society in meaningful ways.

 our philosophy 




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Dynamic Supports was co-founded by Paul Crevar and Audrey Naluz Crevar, who also happen to identify as husband and wife. The two humbly started the company with one adult client with limited verbal skills with the intention to demonstrate his value in the workplace. The two ambitiously dreamed of facilitating more inclusive workforces in Hamilton.  

Dynamic Supports partnered with Triple C Farm, with the intention of pursuing a shared vision of creating a special needs safe space that includes caring and supportive programming for adults with developmental disabilities, which fosters growth and improves quality of life. Part of that vision includes developing pre-employment skills, identifying neurological differences, while leveraging strengths and abilities.​

Already a DARTS destination, the hobby farm provides a therapeutic environment in a rural setting to develop vocational and/or employment skills. The rural setting allows people to be themselves, with acres of forgiving space and lower stimuli than urban settings. 

Participating in the Farm Crew pre-employment program does not mean you're being trained to work on a farm. You could, if you wanted to. But the goal is to create a foundation of understanding the ins and outs of an employment setting, and gaining transferable skills to pursue your future-focused goals.

Our Farm Partner

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Meet The Team


Paul Crevar

Executive Director

& Founding Partner

Paul has a background in psychology and social services - specifically, developmental services and dual diagnosis. Paul draws his expertise and experience from his frontline, supervisory, and management roles in Ontario and Alberta. He has a background in Psychology from Brock University, and holds a Social Service Worker Diploma from Mohawk College. 

Paul's responsibilities Dynamic Supports include directing operations, developing programming, managing the intake process, hiring and training of staff and volunteers, and cultivating company culture.


Audrey Naluz Crevar


& Founding Partner

Audrey has a background in service, public affairs, and community health. Audrey draws her expertise and experience with precarious employment and housing, mental health challenges, harm reduction, communications, and a broad spectrum of service models. Audrey holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, with a specialization in Public Policy.


Audrey's responsibilities at Dynamic Supports include developing strategic partnerships, research, administration, and social media.


What our Team brings to the table


Experience & Qualifications
  • Frontline case management and social service working with individuals with Developmental Disorders, including:

    • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

    • Down's Syndrome

    • ABI (Acquired Brain Injuries)

    • MID (Mild Intellectual Disorder)

    • FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)

    • Prader Willie Syndrome

    • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

... as well as Mental Health Disorders, including ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar I & II, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), Addictions (Alcohol, Substance, Gambling, and Gaming), Schizo-affective Disorder

  • Up-to-date Vulnerable Sector Checks through the Hamilton Police Service

  • Emergency First Aid with CPR/AED Level C & CPR-B, and real, on-the-job experience applying techniques

  • Safe Narcotics/Medication Administration Training


  • "Working Together: The Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act" Certificate of Completion, authorized by the Ontario Human Rights Commission

  • "The Duty to Accommodate" Training, offered via e-learning by the Ontario Human Rights Commission

  • NVCI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention) through CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) with real, on-the-job experience de-escalating behaviours and managing crisis situations

  • safeTALK & ASIST Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training, and real, on-the-job experience applying its principles

  • Person Centred Planning for individuals with special needs, behavioural and/or developmental disabilities

  • Social Skills Programs and Autism Spectrum Disorder training and resource navigation

  • Motivational Interviewing practices which actively include and empower clients in the behavioural change process

  • Certificates from Concurrent Disorders Capacity Building Team at St. Joseph's Healthcare:

    • Contemplative Client  (Stages of Change Model)

    • Skills for Substance Use Engagement

  • Post-secondary education, diplomas, degree, and hands-on placements in Social Service Work (Mohawk College), Psychology (Brock University), and Social Science & Public Policy (McMaster University)

  • Positive Space trainings for LGBTQ2SI+ inclusion, facilitated by SPRC (Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton), and Good Shepherd Hamilton

  • OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) Core Values in Consensus and Anti-Oppression

  • "Competing Human Rights" Training, offered via webinar by the Ontario Human Rights Commission

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